KADELBURG, LAVOSLAV (1910–1995), lawyer. Kadelburg was born in Vinkovci, Croatia, and completed his secondary education there. He participated in the local Herut youth organization (1925–30) and studied law and economics. He was appointed attorney general in the High Court of the Serbian Republic; later he acted as judge in the same court, retiring in 1966. In the following years acted as judge in International Arbitration Tribunals. Before the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia in April 1941, he was mobilized as a reserve officer of the Royal Yugoslav Army; he was interned in POW camps in Germany throughout WWII. Upon his return, Kadelburg developed close contacts with the new regime that took over the country under Tito's leadership and became involved again in Jewish affairs. Along with Dr. albert vajs (Weiss), he helped in rehabilitating the few survivors of the Holocaust and in restoring Jewish life. On Vajs's death, he carried on as the president of the renewed Federation of Jewish Communities in Belgrade. He held that position for many years and was considered the mainstay of Jewry in that area. He was also a member of the Executive of the World Jewish Congress. Commanding several languages, he was a widely respected figure in European Jewish assemblies, where his advice was often sought. (Zvi Loker (2nd ed.)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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